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ams OSRAM shows its latest innovations in lasers and optical sensing at Laser World of Photonics 2023

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  •  Company to showcase how its cutting-edge photonic technologies advance industrial, robotics, medical and wearable applications
  •  Experience the industry leading light-emitting technologies – EEL, VCSEL and high-power multi-LEDs from ams OSRAM
  •  Showcase highlights include 3D sensing and visualization, scanners for industry and compact projection units for AR glasses

ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, today announced that it will showcase how its latest photonics solutions are enriching people’s lives at the Laser World of Photonics exhibition (Munich, 27-30 June 2023).

The ams OSRAM booth (Hall A2, Booth 526.1) shows how the company uses its leading technologies to develop components that help its customers to develop innovative solutions for the industrial, robotics, medical and wearables markets. ams OSRAM’s large portfolio of highly reliable edge-emitting lasers, VCSELs and LEDs stems from a deep application understanding, and offers designers the photonic components they need. Products based on ams OSRAM photonics technologies make life easier in settings as diverse as large warehouses, industrial manufacturing plants, and biomedical laboratories

Jörg Heerlein, Head of Product Marketing EMEA for Visualization & Sensing at ams OSRAM, said: ‘Under the theme of ‘Laser and Sensing – Innovation on Point’ at Laser World of Photonics 2023, we will showcase how our ecosystem is using our industry leading laser diodes to stay ahead of the curve. The show is the perfect opportunity to experience our breakthrough photonics innovations.’

Demonstrations include:

Making next generation of 3D sensing and machine vision solutions a reality

  •  Small solid-state 3D LiDAR sensor – a 905 nm high-power laser diode in a compact SMT package provides the optical power and suitable beam shape for this small and lightweight LiDAR sensor offering a wide field of view and a long detection range
  •  Time of Flight Camera – precise 3D imaging with VGA resolution in real time thanks to a powerful and flood illuminator comprising of a highly efficient 940 nm VCSEL in a small SMT package

Lasers and sensing – a perfect combination for industrial applications

  •  Handheld laser marking with blue lasers – the 5 W blue laser diode in a TO90 package, PLPT9 450LB_E, is at the heart of this small laser engraving machine
  •  Mobile computer with integrated barcode scanner – a green laser diode with 20 mW optical power serves as an efficient and highly visible light source, enables targeting at barcodes even at long distances and in bright daylight. The exhibit features the new generation of visible laser chips from ams OSRAM
  •  Fixed barcode reader – this fully integrated vision system uses a 10 mW green laser diode for targeting barcodes and a powerful R/G/B/W OSTAR® STAGE LED, LE RTDUWS2WN, to illuminate the targeted area with the appropriate color supporting a perfect result when detected with an image sensor

Smart solutions for wearables and medical analysis

  •  Optical module for Augmented Reality Glasses – a compact and powerful R/G/B/W projection LED with cutting-edge chip technology allows for small near-to-eye projection units enabling lightweight AR glasses
  •  Laser Spectroscopy for DNA Sequencing – the PLT5 488 laser diode was developed specifically for biomedical applications. It features high brightness, very narrow wavelength binning and ams OSRAM’s Brilliant Beam technology, which suppresses unwanted side lobes in the laser beam

If you are not able to meet us at Laser World of Photonics, please visit our new 360-degree virtual showroom to discover our innovative optical solutions for your application needs. For more information on our participation at Laser World of Photonics, visit the ams OSRAM Laser World of Photonics page. If you would like to participate in a press tour or talk to one of our experts, please contact press@ams-osram.com.


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