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Accurate, single-chip protection IC for one-cell lithium battery packs

Accurate single chip protection IC for one cell Lithium battery packs_popup

Diodes Incorporated has released the AP9234L that has a single chip solution for the one cell lithium and the lithium polymers that has rechargeable  battery packs. These ic are basically made to be highly designed to provide a high end accuracy , that will be used in the smart phones cameras and the other equipment. The AP9234L is basically high accuracy battery protection circuit that has a dual N channel MOSFET that will be features the 13mO at the VDD=4.0 V . Safe battery charging and discharging will be also active by just turning off the MOSFET.  This has a stable voltage over the full -40 to 85degree celcius. this will also be delivering a normal ode and  0.1µA in power-down mode.


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