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A weightless SIG PDK launched

Freescale introduces industrys first 10G WiFi enabled home gateway solution1_popup

Weightless SIG has recently launched a weightless PDK for wide area networks connectivity in IoT .  They are providing a development kits that will be including a desktop base station which will be functioning as a package for base station in a rugged casing, a base antenna, and an end product module that will be mounted in the development board, with some external connections and a set of cables. SDK will be having a ARM cortex M3 MCU equipped qith 128 kb of memory. Kit will also be providing a supporting software which will be guiding you through the simplicity of the studio and the compiler to form the project.

Weightless CEO William Webb states ” WE are very eager to inform and anticipate the making of the kit and SDK developers will be providing the kit free to the developers. This LPWAN project will be celebrating its easy to make technology by offering few kits that will be free of cost.” SIG members will be gaining access to all the standards , test specifications and certification programmes maintained  by the SID development.  This will be providing the developers an exposure to  the new weightless LPWAN technology there on , accordingly with the certified procedures.



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