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A Robot inspired by Spider


Animals movements are proving to be more and more helpful to the researchers as they observe their various characteristics and properties to overcome some of the technology absurd situations. By studying Animals movement and behaviors scientists are getting inspired to make electronics robotics more and more flexible and defensive in terms of real world problems. The researchers from University of Cape Town in South Africa has made a Robot inspired by spider. Stacey shield, Amir Patel were the main contributors in this project for gaining ” Aerial Pitch Righting” in a Robot. animals are naturally born with properties such as self-stabilizing, bending or swinging the tails, reorienting, and self righting. Mainly the scientist were keen to work on the principle of Jumping Spiders.

Shane Mcglaun has studied the kinds of spider and their process of hunting for food. The Jumping Spiders has served as a great inspiration for the team in South Africa. They have named the robot as LEAP( Line Equipped Autonomous Platform). Jumping spiders use silk as their thread. Before they really jump they create a tether of the silk thread ahead so in case if they miss the target they can catch themselves back safely.


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