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A new type of 2D semiconductor to the list


We already had graphene, molybdenum disulphide and boron nitride in our list of @D semiconductor materials that offered various properties to make silicon future devices. But now we have a new hybrid organic- inorganic perovskites in the list to join its contenders. This is a covalent semiconductor, which is a ionic material that posses some special properties of its own.

Researchers in the Berkeley Lab have successfully made a thin 2D sheet of organic-inorganic hybrid perovskites from solution.  This ultrathin sheets are capable of providing photoluminesence , good Color tunability and a unique and different covalent structure. They are highly large in area and square in shape. Basically these perovskites are metal oxides, that possess a good electromagnetic properties, with some superconductivity. When we separate these hybrid materials into individual we have a 2D sheets of free standing capability, using the techniques of spin-coating, chemical vapor deposition, and mechanical exfoliation has met with limited success.


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