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A blueprint for restoring touch with a prosthetic hand



Researchers at University of Chicago are making there new research plans on the groundwork for making touch sensitive limbs. They are trying to make a real time sensory information limb that transfers the sense to the brain via impulses. This research will increase the viability of a robotic limbs hence forth. Dr Sliman Bensamia , PhD , assistant professor at University of Chicago, Department of Anatomy has explained “ To make sensory nerves function in an arm, you also have to replace the motor nerves , and send them to brain to move it here and there. We as a team think we need to decode the brain impulses and try to encode or make patterns of the neural activities to be taken up by the brain.”

They have made many steps under experimentation , under which the first set includes focusing on contact points, the animals were trained for this experiment to identify different types of sensations during physical contacts. Result were good as animals were responding the same way to artificial touch  as they would to a natural touch . Later the team mains aim was to focus on pressure, that how strongly or firmly the pressure is applied on any point. Accordingly that type and value of electrical signal needed to be applied. As soon as the hand is touched the signals rae transferred in brains. Thus mimicking the natural signals.

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