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93% efficient AC/DC supply for use in cellular base stations

93 efficient AC DC supply for use in cellular base stations_popup

Recently according to the reports the Murata has announced the MVAD160 series that will be conducting the cooling AC/DC power supplies. Packaged in a proper industry standard 50.8 * 101.6* 38.1 mm format that has been claimed to design for bringing in use of the next generation high speed base station devices. These devices will be featuring a proper AC input that will be providing and working on 85 to 246Vac, incorporating the output modes effectively at the nominal output rates of 12, 24, 48 VAC that too with he auxiliary output strands. Energy efficiency is basically provided to range between 92 to 93 percent efficient. It will also be offering a no load power consumption that will range below 0.3 W.

Safety and control technicalities have been included in the overcurrent section and protected together for remote controlling a negative logical signal. It is taken to be suitable for the use in the applications under medical or the industrial application devices. It also takes up minimum space.


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