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5G to face delay due to spectrum allocation issue


Higher the Speed Higher the Spectrum requirement. 5G is facing higher spectrum allocation issue as it needs 60GHz frequency band. As under a research done in 5G radio Technology in Asia, the US and Europe, they require national frequency spectrum allocation of 60GHz. But the global frequency bands can only be fixed in 2019, that is a year before proposed launch of 5G services.

Howard Benn head of standards and industrial affairs at Samsung Electronics Research Institute said that “There are issues with frequency allocation for millimetre-wave. We are still a long way off identifying the frequency band, but this is not stopping research in this area and millimetre-wave is only one component of 5G”.But these bands could only be available by ITU-World Radio communications conference (WRC) by late 2019, due to which the suppliers would not have enough time to build networks under 5G by 2020. Therefore they have to work under smaller bandwidth of 5GHz only, with limited services.

“First 5G services may not use milliwave-wave frequencies due to the lack of spectrum allocation, but some countries may go it alone,” said Benn.

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