WIKA analogue thermometers


Range of measurement devices with diverse characteristics.

New analogue thermometers fromWIKA are now available from TME. A wide range of connections, diameters and lengths of sensors makes it possible to use the meters in many applications. In dial thermometers, a bimetallic strip expands or gas gets activated. For the models available from our catalogue, the temperature measurement range spans from -30°C to 250°C (depending on the selected product). The devices offer different accuracy classes, response times and environmental resistance. All models are fit for installation in a thermowell.

Bimetallic thermometers

WIKA bimetallic thermometers are available in five different series intended for specific applications. Their common features include high accuracy and compliance with the European standard EN 13190.

A43 series

The A43 models feature a modular design that will allow you to customise the housing materials, sizes, scale ranges, or sensor lengths for a specific application. The temperature range of these products reaches up to 60°C or 120°C with the accuracy in tolerance class 2. They have diameters of 63mm, 80mm and 100mm (like most of the products featured here), with probes ranging from 40mm to 160mm in length (depending on the model). This makes the A43 series ideal for basic heating applications.


WIKA bimetallic thermometer for HVAC applications.

A48 series

The A48 series bimetallic thermometer is designed to measure temperature in air ducts, refrigeration systems and other HVAC applications. Thanks to the adjustable flange, installation of the meter in ventilation ducts with different wall thicknesses is possible (the sensor is located at the back). The thermometers in this series have temperature ranges from -20°C to 60°C and from 0°C to 80°C and accuracy class 2.

A50 series

The A50 series (similarly to A48) is used in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems. The characteristic feature of A50 series products is wider temperature range, which for the models available in TME offer reaches up to 160°C or 200°C. The meters are mounted with a screw-in thermowell, allowing instrument replacement without stopping the monitored process. In addition, this solution, along with the steel housing, protects the device from mechanical damage.

A52 Series

The A52 models are the basic series of industrial thermometers. The devices are made according to the EN 13190 standard, with accuracy class 1 for diameters > 60 mm. The casing is made of CrNi steel with relatively high chemical resistance. Thermometers are used in mechanical equipment, pipelines and heating installations. TME offers models with a minimum measurement temperature of -30°C, as well as variants that record temperatures up to 250°C.

55 Series

The 55 series models are top of the line bimetallic thermometers meeting the requirements of the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, power and water/wastewater industries (measurements in harsh environments exposing the probes and the thermometers themselves to corrosive environments). The devices are entirely made of stainless steel and their measuring ranges reach up to 600°C. These products are compliant with the EN 13190 standard.

Gas thermometers


Stainless steel housing provides chemical resistance.


The 73 series gas thermometers are designed to meet the requirements of process industries (chemical, petrochemical, gas). The meters are made entirely of stainless steel and comply with the EN 13190 standard. These thermometers feature accuracy class 1 and IP65 rating (full dust-proof and splash-proof) and can be used at sub-zero ambient temperatures (e.g. in cold stores, heat exchangers, etc.). The models offered by TME have different ranges: from -20…60°C to 0…250°C. The cable length is 3m or 6m.

Expansion thermometers

The Model 70 series comprises expansion thermometers for use in mechanical engineering, refrigeration and air conditioning, but of course they can be installed in almost any application. The housing, capillary, sensor and process connection are made of stainless steel. The immersion length of the probe (3m) makes installation easy even in complex systems with long distances between measuring and reading points. The scale ranges for these devices reach up to 250°C.


The probe of the 70 series thermometers is placed on a 3-meter long cable.

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