Omron compact power relays


Slim housing profile and control voltages ranging from 5 V to 24 V DC

Omron is one of the globally recognised suppliers in the electromechanical industry. The company specialises, among other things, in electromagnetic relays. The TME catalogue features a number of Omron products, and today we would like to recommend the G5PZ series relays to all our customers.

The G5PZ components are power electromagnetic relays, capable of switching high currents, which can reach up to 16 A or 20 A (at resistive loads and voltage up to 250 V AC). Hence, these devices can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, office equipment, as well as in home automation (white goods). The components are designed for through-hole mounting (THT) directly on a PCB.

One of the advantages of the G5PZ series relays is their compact design, in particular their slim profile (10.5 mm). The components feature a single NO contact (SPST configuration), which is controlled by a coil rated at 5 V, 12 V or 24 V DC (depending on the model). It should be noted here that the manufacturer has taken care to ensure a high degree of isolation between the coil and the controlled circuit (10 kV isolation voltage). The power consumption of the coil does not exceed 530 mW. An additional advantage of the relays is their relatively wide thermal tolerance – they can operate at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C, which coincides with the requirements of most typical applications.


G5PZ-1A-24DC electromagnetic relay;317:1834420;693:1452767;925:1457319,1457336,1457342;938:1457507,1458755;

Type of relay electromagnetic
Relay version miniature
Relay series G5PZ
Contact configuration SPST-NO
Coil rated voltage* 5 V, 12 V, 24 V DC
Switched voltage max. 250 V AC
AC contact load @R 16 A / 250 V AC or 20 A / 250 V AC
Max. contact current.* 16 A or 20 A
Coil current* 22.1…106 mA
Coil resistance* 47…1087 Ω
Contact resistance 100 mΩ
Mounting method PCB
External dimensions 23.8×10.3×24.9 mm
Operating temperature -40…70°C

* depending on the model

Symbol Coil voltage
[V DC]
Max. contact current
Coil current
AC contact loadAC
[A / V AC]
G5PZ-1A-12DC 12 16 44.1 16 / 250
G5PZ-1A-24DC 24 16 22.1 16 / 250
G5PZ-1A-5DC 5 16 106 16 / 250
G5PZ-1A-E-12DC 12 20 44.1 20 / 250
G5PZ-1A-E-24DC 24 20 22.1 20 / 250
G5PZ-1A-E-5DC 5 20 106 20 / 250

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