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Switches with excellent electrical characteristics.

Switches in which the contacts are physically opened and closed are still commonly used – even in the time of the touch technology and indirect control through a graphical computer interface. Which features make the classic solutions still competitive?

At first glance, the main advantage of traditional switches is their low price, which is certainly competitive compared to digital control circuits, where the opening and closing of the controlled circuits takes place via relays or transistor modules. But that is not all. It is worth remembering that the operation of switches is fully intuitive. What is more, they offer good electrical performance. That is why there are still many manufacturers in the market specialising in this type of electromechanical products. American brand Switch Components, whose products are a new addition to the TME catalogue, is one of the global leading suppliers in this field.

Rocker switches

Rocker components are a very popular switch type. They are designed in such a way that they limit the risk of accidental activation and give a clear signal of switch status – the simple mechanism translates into high durability. They can be manufactured in variants operating with relatively high voltages and currents, thanks to which they can be used as mains switches – which is the case in many audio/video devices and household appliances, computers and others. In the case of the Switch Components products, the contacts rating reaches up to 30 A at 12 V DC and 16 A at 250 V AC.

The supplier’s assortment of Rocker switches is very diverse. It includes typical products, two-position and bistable, intended for panel mounting – that is exactly the kind of “switches” most often encountered by consumers. Switch Components offers monostable and three-position solutions in many contact configurations (including SPST, DPDT, SP3T) as well. The components can serve a variety of functions in control panels of industrial machines and vehicles (direct and indirect control) and can also be used in electrical tools, audio/video devices and household appliances. They have various enclosure variants (rectangular, square, round, oval keys) and a broad range of colours: from simple, black and white switches with printed position labels to illuminated (amber, green, red, blue, etc.) components. It is worth noting that the supplier offers also switches with a high IP rating (IP65), which, thanks to rubber caps, are fully protected against damage caused by dust and resistant to splashes.

Pushbutton switches


Pushbutton switch with the front protected by a rubber cap.

In the case of pushbutton switches, too, Switch Components offers switches with a very wide current rating (even up to 60 A). Such products can be used in, for example, manual control boxes of engines, actuators, etc. Their key parameters are the insulation resistance of 100 MΩ and a wide thermal tolerance ranging from -25°C to 85°C. Just as in the case of Rocker switches, the clients are offered a choice of several colour variants and access to components with a high IP rating. Pushbutton switches are equipped with leads in the form of flat connectors (4.8 mm and 6.35 mm), screw clamps (M4) and eyelet connectors.

The supplier’s portfolio also includes two-position, bistable push-pull switches. These are components intended for use in those applications, where preventing accidental changes of the switch status is of key importance. They are fitted with contacts with the rating of up to 75 A (at 28 V DC), so they are excellent for use as securing elements. The products available in chrome-plated, black and red variants.

Toggle switches

We have recently announced adding the Switch Components toggle switches to our catalogue. The clients interested in this range of products should read that article. Here, let us just emphasise that the TME catalogue includes 1-, 2- and 3-stable components with contacts operating at 6–50 A (depending on the model), available in SPST, SPDT, DPST and DPST configurations. In the table below, you will find links to the texts about toggle switches with different lead variants.

Vandal-resistant switches

Vandal-resistant switches are widely popular due to their versatility. They are used in public utility devices (ticket machines, vending machines), as well as in the industry and medical equipment, and many other applications where resistance to the environmental conditions and mechanical damage is required.

The products presented here are IP67 rated (full water resistance and protection against contamination). Their metal body is fitted with SPDT or DPDT contacts adapted for the load rating of 10 A at 14 V DC (it should be underlined that this type of components is most often used in indirect control circuits). The Switch Components products feature LED illumination (power supply: 12 V DC, built-in current limiting resistor) and a colour ring around the key (colours: amber, red and green). Another attention-worthy option is a less commonly encountered bistable vandal-resistant switch.


Vandal resistant switch with an illuminating ring.

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