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Multicore industrial control cables.


Belden, the world’s leading manufacturer of cables for professional applications, has unveiled its MachFlex range of products. These are heavy-duty flexible cables, ideally suited for use in harsh environments, and what makes them stand out in this product segment is above all their small size, allowing them to save valuable space. Mechanical resistance and resistance to environmental factors combined with a small cross-section and weight make it a solution that meets the stringent requirements of modern automation and mechanical engineering solutions.

MachFlex 350 and 375

The MachFlex family consists of two product series with the designations 350 and 375. Both are available in unshielded (YY), tinned copper braid (CY), or galvanized steel wire braid (SY) versions. Copper braid provides high screening efficiency, without the need to use additional anti-interference protections. Steel shielding can be used where the intensity of electromagnetic interferences is less of an issue, while the mechanical properties of the cable are a critical issue.

The 350 series are multicore power and control cables with number coding, while the 375 series are colour-coded cables. For both series, the number of cores is 3 to 15 and conductor cross-sections are 0.75 to 4mm2; the cable jackets are colour-coded. MachFlex cables take up little space on cable trays. In the unshielded version, the smallest outer diameter of the cable is only 5.6 mm, while for the shielded version it is only 7.7 mm.

Belden MachFlex cables – ready for all conditions

MachFlex cables from Belden are resistant to oils, coolants and chemicals and are suitable for use in both damp and dry environments at temperatures from -40°C to +80°C. If the cables are used occasionally, the temperature range is slightly narrower. Fire safety is confirmed by appropriate certificates. The cable jacket is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a flame-retardant and self-extinguishing material. The material of the cable sheath provides protection against harmful UV rays, so they can be used in outdoor installations.



10GB-B100 multicore cable

The flexible materials used in the conductor, insulation and sheath make it easy to run the cable even in complex installations. Thanks to their high resistance to bending and flexing, they are suitable for intermittent and continuous operation. The cable’s bending radius is only four or six times the outer diameter for the unshielded and shielded options, respectively. Note, however, that if the cable is installed in moving applications, a larger bending radius must be used. The relevant values can be found in the MachFlex technical documentation.

The strength of the cables is confirmed by the DIN EN 50525-2-51 and VDE No. 8770 standards, i.e., the approval of the German Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies (VDE). In addition, all products are covered by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.



12GBSY-K100 multicore cable

In addition to its mechanical features, which are unique on the market, the MachFlex series is also high quality in terms of electrical properties. The voltage rating U0/U of cables is equal to 300/500V, where U0 is the voltage between the conductor and earth or metal sheath, while U refers to the voltage between the two-phase conductors of the cable. Selected products in the 375 series are available with a voltage rating of 450 / 750 V. A lot of cables in a small space is an additional challenge related to electromagnetic interference, so it should be noted that each of the products from the MachFlex offer is available in a shielded version. This solution is particularly important in industrial environments, where there are many high-power electrical devices close to each other, while their failure-free operation must be ensured and measurement signals must not be distorted.

MachFlex cables – a wide range of applications

The above features are particularly beneficial in the context of the requirements of the industrial, automation, and mechanical engineering industries. These are applications that require operation in harsh environments, often in the presence of adverse environmental factors, vibration, and shock. The possible presence of moving parts further increases the cable strength requirements. The miniaturization trend is also important – cables must be thin, flexible, and easy to install. All this, of course, without any negative impact on their functionality and reliability. Where every unscheduled stop means huge financial losses, there is no room for compromise. Conscious engineers are aware of the impact that selecting the right type of cabling has on the correct, safe and trouble-free operation of their applications.


 C3GB-B100 multicore cable


C3GDCY-K100 multicore cable

From this perspective, MachFlex is a good response from Belden to the needs of the market.. The manufacturer is constantly making technical improvements to keep up with increasing customer expectations. MachFlex Series cables, thanks to their unique combination of favourable electrical and mechanical properties, find many applications in control machines, temperature controllers, production machines, precision sensors, motor control, and control and instrumentation circuits. In these and many other applications, they enable users to install cables securely and conveniently and provide the target application with a small footprint without compromising on functionality.

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