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Products in many diameters, cross-sectional areas and lengths.

Grounding is the basic protection used in almost all industries. It is a method of protecting users of all electrical devices, ranging from small machines and even household appliances, to infrastructure elements – e.g. railroading or civil engineering. Proper grounding is also necessary for the proper functioning of RCDs, which are the basic elements of electrical installations that ensure the safety of not only people, but also machines and entire systems.

See below to read about Helukabel products: cables and braided tapes (so-called braids), designed for permanent and safe grounding in various conditions and for various purposes. These include, for example, the reduction of EMC interference and the protection of switchgears. A common feature of all the products presented here is that they were designed for specific applications. Thanks to this, the contractor laying the installation can be sure that the connections meet all the requirements imposed by the regulations, and in addition they are characterized with durability and reliability.

NSGAFÖU 3kV series cables

The core of the NSGAFÖU cables is made of a dense strand of galvanized copper fibers (strand). Additionally, the cable is covered by EPR rubber sheath and a polychloroprene layer, which reduces the risk of wire abrasion and protects it against short-circuits. Thanks to this structure, NSGAFÖU cables are also resistant to UV radiation, which is especially important when they are used outdoors, e.g. during construction works. Other factors which make Helukabel solutions a good choice for such difficult conditions are oil resistance and flame resistance, tested in accordance with the current requirements of DIN/EN/IEC 60332 standards. Depending on the needs, customers (based on the calculations made by a qualified electrician) can choose from among wires with a conductor cross-sectional area ranging from 1.5mm2 to 300mm2. This means that the outer diameter of the wire ranges from 7mm to almost 4cm. The cables are made by Helukabel, which is a European company. It should be noted here that the approximate AWG size of each product has been stated by the manufacturer in the product sheet.


NSGAFÖU series wire with tinned copper conductor.

Despite their high resistance to environmental factors, the manufacturer recommends laying these cables in dry rooms, due to the specific function performed by the NSGAFÖU wires.

Helukabel copper braids


Braids come in various lengths and gauges.

Copper braids are commonly used in cars (ground wire), machine parks (grounding of metal machines) and construction (installation protection). These are wide and thick wires, usually stripped of insulation, ended with ring contacts designed to be mounted with screws (depending on the specific model, from M6 to M12). Both the braids and the endings are made of copper covered by an anti-corrosive tin layer. Connections made with these wires (as well as the above-described NSGAFÖU series) will be a good idea for fields such as robotics, railroading, energetics, etc. In each case, Helukabel braided tapes will fulfill their function perfectly. This also applies to the connections exposed to vibrations and cyclical movement. Such applications are possible thanks to the seamless, pressed contacts and 0.2 mm thick wires from which the braid is made.

\The TME catalogue includes braids with lengths from 100mm to 500mm, and cross-sectional area ranging from 6mm2 to 25mm2.

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