ETHERLINE® LAN CAT.6A patchcords by LAPP


Fast and safe UL-certified data transfer.


  • EtherLINE® LAN Cat.6A – the right choice of cables
  • ETHERLINE® LAN Cat.6A by LAPP – certified safety
  • LAPP patchcords – practical and ready to use in any conditions

TME’s offer now includes ETHERLINE® LAN CAT.6A patchcords by LAPP. The series is designed for applications where reliability and safety are of utmost importance. With high resistance to electromagnetic interference and harsh environmental conditions, the products are intended for demanding industrial and commercial applications. The patchcords are designed with user safety in mind, which is confirmed by the renowned UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification.

Patchcords, also known as cross cables, internet network cables or patch cables, are cables whose both ends are terminated with RJ45 connectors, used for signal transmission in data communication networks. There is a wide range of such cables available on the market, which may cause problems in choosing the most suitable product. At first glance, offers of individual manufacturers do not differ significantly from each other, so it may be tempting not to delve into technical details and make a purchase decision based solely on the price. Such an approach might backfire, though, as in reality the influence that the cables have on the quality of the connection cannot be overestimated. Choosing the right cabling guarantees the correct operation of the network and helps avoid breakdowns that may bring the whole company to a standstill. These components represent a tiny percentage of the investment costs, whereas a potential failure entails major costs and problems. The most important criterion for the selection of cables should be the quality of workmanship, which is best confirmed by appropriate certificates, such as UL.

EtherLINE® LAN Cat.6A – the right choice of cables

When choosing cables, it is important to bear in mind the requirements of the target application and the conditions under which they will operate. What are the desired network speeds today, but also in the perspective of at least a few years? 100 Mb/s, 1000Mb/s or 10Gb/s? How many users will there be? Will the cables be laid indoors or outdoors? What is the available space, does the cable have to be flexible? What are the potential sources of interference? Based on these and similar questions, it is important to look not only at the parameters of the cables, but also at the certifications they have. For example, exposure to electromagnetic interference will determine the use of special shielding. ETHERLINE® LAN Cat.6A cables feature double shielding with laminated aluminium foil to ensure uninterrupted data transfer even in demanding operating environments. The design of these cables guarantees great flexibility and bending resistance, which makes them suitable for use in tight spaces. Since patchcords must often operate in harsh and diverse environmental conditions, the ETHERLINE® LAN CAT.6A series is adapted to work in a temperature range of -20°C to 60°C.



Patch cord ETH-24441318

One of the most important aspects of choosing the type of cabling is the expected lifespan of the network. In most cases, the cabling installed is expected to last as long as possible and provide satisfactory transfer rates throughout this time. Category 6A cables are considered to be the best choice, taking into account the quality-to-price ratio. This standard provides data transfer rates of 10Gb/s over distances of up to 100m, which is enough for current and future applications. Even if your current infrastructure does not require speeds of 10Gb/s, it is important to remember that in the future it will be much easier to replace network equipment than cabling.

ETHERLINE® LAN kat.6A by LAPP – certified safety

When designing industrial systems, ensuring user safety is a priority. This also applies to the network infrastructure. The reliability, durability, and quality of EtherLINE® LAN Cat.6A cables have been independently tested by Underwriters Laboratories, a global company that tests and certifies products to safety standards. The UL safety certification demonstrates that LAPP cables comply with the increased safety requirements of the US and Canadian markets, but is also a gateway to other foreign markets.

The primary concern when designing a network should be the fire behaviour of the cables installed in it. The materials used in the construction of the EtherLINE® LAN Cat.6A cables guarantee that no harmful gases or dense smoke are emitted, and that no flame is spread. The sheath of the EtherLINE® LAN Cat.6A cable is made from a material with self-extinguishing properties, i.e. it does not propagate flames, in accordance with IEC 60332-1-2. They also do not cause corrosion of metal elements and electronic devices. It must be remembered that poisoning with toxic gas or damage to expensive equipment as a result of corrosion are often the consequences of fires which are far more noticeable than the effects of flames themselves. Therefore, halogen-free cables are recommended for use in buildings with large concentrations of people or valuable property, i.e. in manufacturing plants, warehouses, mines and other industrial facilities, but also in offices, airports, hospitals or hotels.


ETH-24441333 patchcord


ETH-24441352 patchcord


ETH-24441362 patchcord

LAPP patchcords – practical and ready to use in any conditions

Patchcords from the LAPP offer are pre-terminated, i.e. factory-fitted with ready-to-install cable connectors. This allows for quick installation, without the need to connect the cable to the terminal, which may require special tools or even soldering. A wide range of options allows you to best match the cable to your application requirements. ETHERLINE® LAN cat.6A are available in lengths from 0.25 to 30 metres and in eight colours. Until recently, Category 6 and above cables haven’t been popular because of their thickness and low flexibility, which stems from the fact that providing 10Gb/s transfer requires shielding. Fortunately, suppliers are listening to customers’ feedback, and new products in this category are much easier to install. ETHERLINE® LAN Cat.6A flexible patchcords are designed for easy installation even in tight spaces.


ETH-24441379 patchcord


ETH-24441395 patchcord


ETH-24441427 patchcord

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