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eMobility series by Harting.

The increasing popularity of unconventional energy sources and the pursuit to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere is affecting all industries, including the automotive industry. In the spirit of this idea, the category of eMobility, i.e. transportation based on electric vehicles (EVs), was born. To meet these expectations, TME is expanding its portfolio with Harting’s eMobility cables – solutions designed for charging electric vehicles.


Type 1 cables


Type 2 cables


GB/T cables


Type 2 socket

Our offer includes cables equipped with connectors of all popular standards, that is:

  • Type 1– mainly intended for EVs driven in North America and Japan.
  • Type 2– mainly intended for EVs driven in Europe.
  • Type GB/T– mainly intended for EVs driven in China.

Cables fitted with these connectors come in two lengths: 5m and 7.5m and are terminated with two plugs (as a ready-made charging cable) or one plug and wires (for self-assembly). We offer both single-phase (250V) and three-phase (480V) versions with charging power ranging from 4kW up to 24.4kW. All Harting eMobility cables are designed to operate in temperatures from -30°C to 50°C and are IP44 rated.

Type of cable/connector: eMobility
Version: single-phase and three-phase
Rated voltage: 250V or 480V AC
Length: 5m or 7.5m
Charging power: from 4kW to 24.4kW
Operating temperature: from -30°C to 50°C

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