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Regardless of the industrial branch, application or even the product type, almost every electronic device uses some sort of a DC/DC converter. They are often used to power the control systems, which usually require lower power supply voltage. The stability of the source voltage is dependent on the quality of the converter, so the quality of the converter directly affects the lifetime of the entire product, its proper functioning and finally, the safety of its users.

The selected solutions in the field of DC/DC converters are presented below. Apart from the high quality and reliability, they share one superior feature – these are products from the TDK-LAMBDA brand.

TDK-LAMBDA products in the TME catalogue

There is no need to introduce the TDK-LAMBDA – both these companies are well-known, and since 2008 they have been operating within one corporate group. However, it is worth emphasizing that TME is constantly expanding the range of TDK-LAMBDA products offered. These are mainly power supplies, including both industrial and laboratory power supplies, but also converters that are designed and manufactured for use in harsh conditions and demanding applications. Below, we present three groups of these products. If you are interested in learning more, see the full range of TDK-LAMBDA products available in the TME catalogue.

DDA series

Converters from the DDA series are designed to be mounted on a DIN rail, e.g. in control cabinets of machinery parks or switchgears. They weigh 450g and are relatively small, taking up the width of two standard DIN modules (exactly 36.5mm). They are characterized by high power: 250W at the first output and 75W or 250W at the second output (not all models offer the second output). The nominal output voltage of 12V DC can be set from 3.3V to 15V or 24V DC. The input voltage ranges from 9V to 40V or 53V DC, which makes these converters truly versatile. The device is connected by means of screw terminals. The converters described here feature a number of built-in protections, such as: overcurrent, thermal and overvoltage protection. Moreover, the outputs can be turned off remotely, thus extending the lifetime of the converter. The maximum output current that the device can provide at the 250W output is 20A. It should also be emphasized that the converters are characterized by the efficiency of up to 95% and use the convection cooling, so they can operate at temperature up to 100°C.


DDA seriesDIN rail-mounted converter

i6A series

The i6A series converters are miniature products. Their compact dimensions are 33mm x 22.9mm x 12.1mm. They are designed to be mounted directly on a PCB, with pin outputs designed to ensure the necessary clearance for thermoregulation purposes. The devices are characterized by the power of 250W; or 75W for the i6AN series. In the latter one, the letter N stands for “negative”, because products in this group reverse the voltage (they supply negative output voltage ranging from -3.3V to -30V DC). Like the DDA series, these products tolerate a wide range of input voltages, and their output voltages can be adjusted (here: by connecting a resistor of a specified value to the “Trim” pin). The product requires a minimum number of external components and can work with logic control systems. The devices are equipped with a “Sense” pin, for automatic compensation of voltage drops, e.g. when connecting high loads, such as DC motors.


Series i6A4W 250W converter.

i7A series

The i7A series comprises converters with an exceptional “power density” (i.e. power-to-volume ratio). These are perfectly protected, miniature products with a power of up to 300W. They are designed to build additional power rails from a single source. Since these products have the step-up/step-down characteristics, they can be used, for example, to power components that require 24V in the systems where the source voltage is 12V – and the other way round.

The i7A converters are available in several variants, each of them designed for through-hole mounting on printed circuits. The most common format is “open-frame”. However, the i7A series also includes products with an integrated aluminum plate intended to connect the system to an element that will act as a thermoregulator, it also includes converters that are factory-fitted with a heat sink. In addition to these advantages, the i7A series maintains the excellent characteristics of the above-described products: it offers a wide range of input and output voltages, and has built-in safeguards that will protect the product from damage resulting from short circuit, overvoltage, overheating or overload. Due to their small measurements, high efficiency and stability of the output voltage, the i7A converters are especially recommended for industrial purposes, test devices, as well as radio telecommunication equipment.


Miniaturized 300W converter.

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