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Fittings, tubing, valves, and other accessories for automation.


  • FESTO – overview of components for pneumatics
    • Plug-in fittings
      • NPQH fittings for high temperatures
      • NPQM fittings with high pressure ranges
    • Pneumatic tubing
    • Air preparation units
    • Valves

Pneumatic systems are one of the basic elements of automation. Thanks to the small size, performance, and parameters of modern actuators, it is possible to build relatively small production and distribution lines controlled centrally and with high accuracy. However, systems that use compressed air (as well as other factors) are exposed to a number of failures – which can occur due to even a minor leak. Therefore, when developing the offer of pneumatic components in the TME catalogue, we only turn to manufacturers who are proven, experienced and trusted by customers. A perfect example of such a brand is FESTO – a German company present in the industry since the middle of the 20th century.

FESTO – overview of components for pneumatics

Below we present a brief overview of FESTO products – fittings, tubings, valves and other products designed for complex pneumatic systems. As each application will require components with precisely defined parameters, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the FESTO offer in our catalogue. The specifications of the individual products are precisely defined in the catalogue and the range can be filtered according to the specific requirements of a given project.

Push-in fittings

FESTO fittings are suitable for vacuum and compressed air installations. TME offers numerous versions – straight, L-shape, inline, Y-shape, bulkhead, and reducing fittings. The two most numerous product families are QS (standard size) and QSM (miniseries). They come in diameters from 3 to 22 mm and the following thread sizes: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 3/8 (inch threads, internal or external) or M3 -M22 (metric threads). Depending on version and specific purpose, they are made of polymers (including PBT, polypropylene), nickel-plated brass, or stainless steel. Most models have a temperature range up to80°C.


FESTO push-in reducing tee connector (up to 6 bar).

NPQH fittings For high temperature

NPQH series includes straight and L-shape fittings made of nickel-plated brass in diameters from 4 to 12 mm. These products are characterised by a wide temperature range (from 0°C to 150°C).

NPQM series with high pressure ranges

For installations requiring higher operating pressures (up to 16bar) the manufacturer has designed the NPQM series. Its additional features include anti-static discharge protection and high flame resistance (the products are tested according to DIN 5510-2).

 Pneumatic tubing


4mm compressed air tubing.

It should be emphasised that the majority of failures in pneumatic systems (up to 90% according to some studies) are caused by incorrect hose selection. That is why TME offers a wide range of pneumatic hoses with various specifications, dedicated not only to compressed air and hydraulic (water) installations, but also suitable for oils. They come in outer diameters from 2 mm to 16 mm. One of their main advantages is flexibility (bending radius for some products is 5 mm) and high temperature range (-60°C to 150°C). Most of the hoses are made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which is characterized by good resistance to mechanical damage.

Ai preparation units

FESTO pressure regulators come in 1/8″, 1/4″, or 1/2″ thread sizes. They enable precise control from 0.8 bar to 20 bar for installations with flow rates of up to 6200 l/min. Naturally, the specific parameters will depend on the dedicated application and the selected model. The range includes models equipped with 5 µm and 40 µm filters and pressure sensors.


Pressure regulator operating from 1.5bar to 10bar.



24 V DC solenoid valve.

One of the strongest points of the FESTO offer is the wide selection of high quality valves. These are electromagnetic and mechanical components that perform all the basic functions required in compressed air systems (e.g., when operating pneumatic cylinders). The catalogue includes, among othersthrottle, check, on-off, shut-off, and soft start valves. They include 3/2, 5/2, 5/3 valves – monostable and bistable in both NC and NO versions. Some of the modules are dedicated for FESTO valve terminals – CPV and VTUG models. The operating voltage of electromagnetic products is 24 V DC. Power consumption ranges from 0.46 W to 3.3 W. The metal housings (aluminium, brass, zinc) are sealed with NBR rubber (nitrile), which is resistant to many chemical agents as well as low operating temperatures.

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