STMicroelectronics’ low-drift, high-accuracy op amps operate to 175°C for ruggedness and long life in automotive and industrial applications

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STMicroelectronics’ TSZ181H1 and dual TSZ182H1 automotive-qualified operational amplifiers (op amps) deliver high accuracy and stability over a wide (-40°C to 175°C) temperature range. The high maximum operating temperature encourages use in harsh environments and in applications with long mission profiles.

The op amps have very low input offset voltage, typical 3.5µV at 25°Cm, and input bias current, typical 30pA at 25°C. The parameters display minimal drift over temperature, with maximum input offset voltage specified as 70µV at 25°C and 100µV over the full temperature range. The maximum specified input bias current is 200pA at 25°C and 225pA over the full range.

With their wide operating-temperature range, the TSZ181H1 and TSZ182H1 withstand harsh environments in industrial as well as automotive applications. At lower die temperature, they can operate for an extended lifetime in applications that require a long mission-profile ICs. The devices are AEC-Q100 qualified and have 4kV HBM ESD tolerance.

The TSZ181H1 and TSZ182H1 deliver outstanding performance in high-accuracy, high-bandwidth sensor interfaces. They can be used for precision signal conditioning without calibration, thereby simplifying end-product manufacturing while ensuring higher accuracy than typical op amps. The gain-bandwidth of 3MHz and operating current of just 1mA at 5V provide a superior speed-to-power ratio. Designed for a wide power supply voltage range, from 2.2V to 5.5V, both devices have rail-to-rail input and output to maximize usable dynamic range.

Both op amps are in production now and available in a choice of SOT23-5 or SO8 packages. Pricing starts at $1.58 for the TSZ181H1 and $2.66 for the TSZ182H1 dual op amp.

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