Explore the power of connectivity with STMicroelectronics at MWC Shanghai 2024


STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, will exhibit at MWC Shanghai 2024 (Booth N1.D85) on 26-28 June.

ST is at the forefront of innovation, developing unique technologies and products that empower our customers to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities. At MWC Shanghai 2024, ST will collaborate with its ecosystem partners to present industry-leading solutions. Visitors will be immersed in the transformative power of connectivity with over 30 demonstrations, all designed to showcase our commitment to technological excellence and especially the future of connected experiences. These will be featured across 9 major application zones:

  • Smart Charging
  • Secure & Connectivity
  • IMU Attitude Detection
  • Smart Personal Electronics
  • Time-of-Flight & Smart Cameras
  • Air Quality Monitoring based on FlightSense™
  • Bluetooth Connectivity & Low Power MCU
  • Edge AI & GUI
  • ST60 mmW Contactless Connector

Secure & Connectivity: According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a staggering 2.6 billion people are still unconnected, 1.4 billion of whom are unbanked, mainly in emerging countries. This disconnect not only excludes them from the digital revolution, but also hinders economic development. To enable a seamless “tap and go” experience, KaiOS has collaborated with STMicroelectronics to develop game-changing solutions designed for underserved transportation drivers. At MWC Shanghai, STMicroelectronics and KaiOS will showcase a solution designed for informal transportation drivers. Utilizing the ST54L chip, this innovative solution combines an NFC controller with an integrated secure element (SE) IC to transform a simple “KaiOS-equipped smart feature phone” into a powerful tool for informal drivers, enabling the KaiOS “smart feature phone” to provide secure contactless ticketing, replacing cash transactions with contactless ones.

Air Quality Monitoring based on FlightSense™: Measuring air quality has become crucial due to its direct impact on human health and the environment. A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than outdoor air. Most existing AQI stations are designed for outdoor and professional use; however, environmental analysis is now possible in consumer devices. At MWC Shanghai, visitors will have the exclusive opportunity to see the innovative personal mobile environmental monitor in action. ST and Mobile Physics will present a solution for air quality and smoke detection with ST’s VL53L8 direct Time-of-Flight sensor. The comprehensive system includes the VL53L8 hardware, along with tailored firmware and software, plus pioneering air quality algorithms developed by Mobile Physics. The VL53L8 is capable of measuring PM2.5 concentrations within 10% or 10µg/m³ of the reference sensor. Designed for seamless integration, this system is ideal for mobile phones, personal electronics, and a wide array of IoT products.

Bluetooth Connectivity & Low Power MCU: ST will demonstrate two Bluetooth® LE Audio solutions based on the recently announced STM32WBA55 microcontroller. Visitors are invited to put on headphones to personally experience the listening effects in unicast and broadcast scenarios. Harnessing the cutting-edge wireless STM32WBA5 series, ST has now integrated support for the newly finalized Bluetooth® LE Audio specifications, achieving certification that unlocks the potential for groundbreaking products. These innovations promise to enrich audio experiences with superior listening, hearing, and sharing capabilities. Among these, the innovative Bluetooth® LE Audio Auracast™ feature stands out, offering a transformative approach to audio broadcasting and sharing, and heralding a new era of auditory communication.

To display its expansive portfolio of solutions across different sectors at MWC Shanghai, ST will also showcase its advanced wireless-charging and wireless power-transfer solutions. Highlights include the high-efficiency, compact 100W laptop wireless charger, boasting WPC Qi 1.3 compliance with a security profile, capable of supporting up to a 100W output using ST’s proprietary protocol (STSC). Additionally, ST offers an up to 300W wireless power transfer discrete solution designed for industrial applications with fast load transient response, wider spatial freedom, better thermal dissipation, and a user experience comparable to that of a wired power supply.

ST is proud to present the ST4SIM-300, its first eSIM compliant with the GSMA’s eSIM specification for IoT. The ST4SIM-300 unlocks new possibilities, including over-the-air profile swaps, and is supported by a streamlined ecosystem.  This design is well-suited for compact devices without a user interface. By integrating the ST4SIM-300 into their designs, IoT developers can now ensure the best connectivity anywhere, at any time.

At MWC Shanghai, ST will also showcase a solution that propels consumer products into the realm of high-end applications. With 6-axis architecture, the LSM6DSV32X Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is capable of superior edge processing, making it ideal for applications such as advanced 3D mapping on phones, contextual awareness in laptops and tablets, precise gesture recognition in AR and VR headsets, and always-on tracking in wearables.

Learn more about ST at MWC Shanghai 2024 and explore the power of connectivity together with us:

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