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ROHM’s New 5-Model Lineup of Low ON Resistance 100V Dual MOSFETs

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Lower power consumption and smaller size of fan motors applied in communication base stations and industrial equipment with 5.0mm × 6.0mm and 3.3mm × 3.3mm sizes

ROHM has developed dual MOSFETs that integrate two 100V chips in a single package – ideal for fan motor drive applied in communication base stations and industrial equipment. New five-models have been added as part of the HP8KEx/HT8KEx (Nch+Nch) and HP8MEx (Nch+Pch) series.

Recent years have seen a transition to higher voltages from conventional 12V/24V to 48V systems in communication base stations and industrial equipment, – intending to achieve higher efficiency by reducing current values. In these situations, switching MOSFETs are required a withstand voltage of 100V to account for voltage fluctuations, as 48V power supplies are also used in the fan motors for cooling these applications. However, increasing the breakdown voltage raises ON resistance (RDS(on)) (which is in a trade-off relationship), leading to decreased efficiency, making it difficult to achieve both lower RDS(on) and higher breakdown voltage. Moreover, unlike multiple individual drive MOSFETs normally applied in fan motors - dual MOSFETs that integrate two chips in one package are increasingly being adopted to save space.

In response, ROHM developed two new series – the HP8KEx/HT8KEx (Nch+Nch) and the HP8MEx (Nch+Pch) – that combine Nch and Pch MOSFET chips using the latest processes. Both series achieve the industry’s lowest RDS(on) by adopting new backside heat dissipation packages with excellent heat dissipation characteristics. As a result, RDS(on) is reduced by up to 56% compared with standard dual MOSFETs (19.6mΩ for the HSOP8 and 57.0mΩ for the HSMT8 Nch+Nch), contributing to significantly lower set power consumption. At the same time, combining two chips in a single package provides greater space savings by reducing area considerably. For example, replacing two single-chip TO-252 MOSFETs with one HSOP8 decreases footprint by 77%.

Next, ROHM will continue to expand its dual MOSFET lineup to withstand voltages ideal for industrial equipment while also developing low-noise variants. This is expected to contribute to solving social issues such as environmental protection by saving space and reducing power consumption in various applications.

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Product Lineup

Dual Nch+Nch MOSFETs


Dual Nch+Pch MOSFET


*40V, 60V, 80V, and 150V products will be added to the lineup

Application Examples

– Fan motors for communication base stations

– Fan motors for factory automation, and other industrial equipment

– Fan motors for data center servers, etc.

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Combination with a pre-driver IC to achieve the optimal motor drive solution

Combining these products with ROHM’s market-proven pre-driver ICs for single-/3-phase brushless motors make it possible to consider even smaller motors featuring lower consumption and quieter drive. By providing total support for peripheral circuit design that marries the dual-MOSFET series with pre-driver ICs, ROHM can offer the best motor drive solutions for customer needs.

■ Solution examples with 100V Dual MOSFETs

– HT8KE5 (Nch+Nch Dual MOSFET) + BM64070MUV (3-Phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver IC)

– HT8KE6 (Nch+Nch Dual MOSFET) + BM64300MUV (3-Phase Brushless Motor Pre-Driver IC) and more

Online Sales Information

Sales Launch Date: August 2023

Pricing: $4.0/unit (samples, excluding tax)

Online Distributors: DigiKey, Mouser and Farnell

The products will be offered at other online distributors as they become available.

Download New Product Specifications for Motors

Specifications for our low/medium/high voltage MOSFETs, including new products, can be downloaded from ROHM’s website.


MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor)

The most commonly used structure in FETs. Often adopted as switching elements.


Pch MOSFET: A type of MOSFET that conducts when a negative voltage is applied to the Gate relative to the source. This allows it to be driven with a voltage lower than the input voltage, simplifying circuit configuration.

Nch MOSFET: A type of MOSFET that conducts when a positive voltage is applied to the Gate relative to the source. The smaller drain-source ON resistance (RDS(on)) compared with Pch MOSFETs results in lower steady-state loss.

ON Resistance (RDS(on))

The resistance value between the Drain and Source while the MOSFET is ON. The smaller this value is, the lower the (power) loss during conduction.


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