RECOM launches cost effective, high specification board-mount AC/DCs.

RECOM is announcing the launch of two ranges of board-mount AC/DC converters, the RAC02E-K/277 and RAC03E-K/277, rated at 2W and 3W respectively. Inputs include nominals of 100VAC up to 277VAC for use in a wide variety of applications worldwide. Regulated outputs available include 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V and 24V with operation without derating up to 80°C (RAC02E-K/277) or 75°C (RAC03E-K/277). Isolation is 4kVAC with safety certification to industrial, domestic, household (RAC03E-K/277) and ITE standards while EMC compliance for both ranges is to EN55032 Class B with a wide margin. The parts meet ErP requirements with maximum 75mW no-load power consumption and because of their excellent light load efficiency, significant standby mode power can be delivered without exceeding 0.5W input.

The RAC02E-K/277 has a footprint of 33.7mm x 22.2mm and the RAC03E-K/277 is 37mm x 24mm, while both ranges have a low profile of just 15.4mm. Terminations are through-hole and pinout is industry-standard.

“These compact AC/DCs are very versatile with their wide AC input and temperature ranges” comments Michael Schrutka, AC/DC Product Manager of RECOM. “Their comprehensive safety certifications and low cost also make them ideal for applications ranging from automation control, industry 4.0 and IoT, to home automation”.

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