ON Semiconductor AX8052Fxxx RF Microcontroller


A single chip Ultra low power RF microcontroller is used in the recent 400-470MHz and 800-940MHz bands That is more precisely ON Semiconductor AX8052Fxxx .  this is basically a highly integrated RF frequency microcontroller and synthesizer That provides ultrafast settings for the applications with low power consumption it has all the compatible industry standards associated with it.

it will be allowed to operate from a power supply range of 2.2 volt to 3.6 volt under the temperature range of -40°C to 85°C.

Some of the application Areas where AX8052F131  will be used are basically targeting on the fcc part15.247  and fcc Park15.249.,  it will be 802.15. 4 compatible,  and we will be used in wireless  network,  access control on the pointing devices and the keyboards and on the Delhi Matric application.

some are the are that it have some few components, it has 400-470MHz and 800-940MHz SRD bands,-5dBm to +15dBm programmable output and 64kByte in-system programmable FLASH.

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