Create more reliable and cost-effective LED lighting applications with Microchip’s sequential linear LED driver


CL88020is a next generation device designed for offlinelighting

A next generation sequential linear LED driver for offline lighting applications is now available from Microchip Technology Inc.The CL88020, an extension of Microchip’s popular CL88XX family, isdesigned to drive a long string of low-cost LEDs directly from the 120 VACline input. The product allows customers to create reliable, cost-effective and compact LED lighting applications by having High Power Factor (PF) without the need forswitch-modepower conversion which is typically required for LED lighting design.

170614-APID-DIAG-CL88020-7x5“The transition from traditional lighting to LED is here and moving at a fast pace,” said Keith Pazul, director of marketing for Microchip’s Analog, Power and Interface Division. “Microchip has a rich anddiverse LED lighting portfolios,and customers arecontinually seeking better electronic solutions such as those found in this new device.”
The CL88020 was designed to minimise driver circuit component count to allow for a very small and efficient design. The simple design allows for a single layered Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design. Unlike the conventional AC-DC switch mode power supply, the basic driver circuit consists of the CL88020 IC, two small ceramic capacitors and a bridge rectifier only. High-voltage capacitors, transformer or inductors, electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters or Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuitry are not required. This allows for smaller solution size and lower overall bill of material (BOM) cost as compared to traditional LED solutions.

“The approach of AC to direct drive helps our customers address many concerns related to their designs,” continued Pazul. “This latest LED driver enables customers to design simpler, smaller and more robust high-performance LED lighting systems than previously possible.”

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