One in a three men will die of Smoking in China

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China is on the threshold of smoking where the study suggests that one in every three men will die of smoking, tobacco consumption.  Oxford University in UK have made a team of researchers who have studied under Medical sciences and Chinese Center of Disease Control that has found that out of 2 men in 3 young men in China will be suffering from lung disease and will die before the age of 50.They start smoking from 20 years age. they have made it their habit. Adult Mortality rate has risen in China about 1 million in 2010 to 2 million in 20130 and 3 million in 2050. Although smoking has decreased in many western countries but it has increased in Chinese men, resulting in alarming death rate increase.

Some of the facts related to smoking are:

1. It is causing 1 in 5 deaths every year in US .

2. Around 18 million Americans live with lung disease.

3. On an average if 1 person die that the other 30 person live on some serious diseases.

If we talk about women in china than the smokers rate has reduced drastically. Women born after 1960, have fewer death rate of around 1% related to tobacco.



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