Now wear LED displays


Imec (formerly the Inter-university Micro Electronics Centre, Leuven, Belgium)  claims it is the first one to integrated light-emitting-diodes (LEDs) into a flexible, wearable fabric that serves as both a sensor and a display. In cooperation with its partners: Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (TNO, or in English the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, The Hague, Netherlands) a nonprofit research center, the Centre for Microsystems Technology (CMST) they have made a strechable and comfortable thin film transistor driven LED.  This project is funded by  the Flemish Government, the Dutch Government, Imec (Leuven, Belgium), Imec Taiwan Co., Imec Microelectronics Co. Ltd. (Shanghai) and Imec India Private Ltd. (Bangalore).

Laminated within are the TFT driven LED’s encapsulated on a soft rubber. Since researcher activities include protable medical devices, therefor a device was required to make the same possible that can accurately read out health based parameters that would vary from wearer to wearer. for ex: temperature, O2 level, circulation, etc.

Researchers hope to make it more user friendly by making it inexpensive to a greater extend so that it could be encapsulated under everyday fabrics, which would be a boon to those who forgets to wear their devices. User do not have to remember to wear his activity log monitor as they would be built in the clothing. To enhance its appearance they are also trying to talk to Fashion designers to make use of colour changing activity so that it could appear appealing to the user. hence improving the long-term quality of the big-data being collected.

Imec and its collaborators are trying to make the display integrated into the fabric interactive—like touchscreens—so their functions can be changed without separate control apparatuses. The result is a fabric that is both comfortable, thin and mechanically stretchable.


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