Nerve to regrow using 3D printed guide


Nerve damaged can not be regrown, but now it can be using 3D printed guide that regrows both sensory and motor nerves after injury. Study’s lead researcher Michael McAlpine, who is the professor of University of Minnesota in U.S said ” This represents an important proof of concept of the 3D printing of custom nerve guides for the regeneration of complex nerve injuries “.

They have used a combination of 3D printing technique to create a silicon guide that would be implanted to use nerve regeneration. The tests have been performed on rats. For this they have used a 3D scanner over the structure of a rats sciatic nerve. For the above scenario they would require a custom built of 3D printer.

“The exciting next step would be to implant these guides in humans rather than rats,” McAlpine added. Someday we could have a printer and scanner right in front of us in the hospital to serve nerve restoration.

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