Lack of Face to Face contact is resulting in depressions in older Adults


New studies shows that the lacking amount of Face to Face contact with family and loved ones are increasing the depression mode in older adults.  More often the study indicated that regular contact over the mails and phone does not surpass the depression risk. Researchers have seen that it is duly the lack of social bond between the people. It has been found that all forms of socialization aren’t equal in the behavior and thus face to face communication plays a vital role in the depression section. As the other means do not have the same power as in the direct communication. According to CDC, in US around 1-7% of the older adults in the community are having major depression issues.

The researchers have taken a look over how often the participants were interacting with their family and friends in 2 years over phone, letters, emails.  The results were shocking that described that older people who have interactions of in person relatively lower were almost double in 2 years , where 6.5% of the people who interacted face to face for three times in a week where as 11.6% those who just had interaction for a single time.  For the people above 70% if face to face interaction was given they had lowered depression to a greater extent.



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