Joint and Muscles pain aftermaths of Dengue


Health Experts have said that Joint and Muscular pain that lasts for several days are common in Dengue after recovering from it. They are urging people to intake Vitamin D and E for speedy and regular recovery. Pain arises due to deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body that causes 80 percent of the cases. Several patients have reported and complaint of having pains in joint and muscles for 3 weeks and so. Those who are deficent oin vitamin d, B12, E are more likely to suffer this problem after dengue compared to those who have sufficient amount of vital nutrients said by Mundhara. Delhi has taken over 3000 dengue cases this year leading to 36 deaths according to the municipal corporations.

Mundhara also added to the report that patients are sometimes so weak that the pain can last fro months. a senior consultant at Delhi Yatharth Hospital Shobhit Bhardwaj has conferred that the pain may be of two types : Acute reactive arthritis and other is chronic joint pain. In Acute stage the joints have involvement of large and small joints of upper and lower limbs been affected the most. Some of them has also experienced this pain for at least 2 years. To overcome this one must do regular exercises and have vital nutrients in surplus amount.


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