High stress during childhood could lead to Diabetes in Adulthood

it has been found through study that children who suffer from High Stress are more likely to be victim of Diabetes and other diseases in their Adulthood. This study was performed in American College of Cardiology. It is well known that stress induce negative effects on any person and if we particularly talk about children than it can be real dangerous. as they can suffer from heart disease too.
They have undertaken few children for the study and found that over the period of 45 years the participants born in same week who were subjected to mental stress have acknowledge High blood pressure and risk of cardiac arrest more than normal people. This result of the analysis have revealed out that level of stress is mainly responsible for cardiac related diseases and diabetes. Some of the facts include the following:
  • Stress was 55% responsible for stroke.
  • Around 44% of Americans who have stress have lost sleep due to this.
  • Around 1 in 5 Americans have shaking and heart palpitations
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