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Chocolate has been always cherished by mankind, it has been immortal love of man and still is being enhanced. All thanks to chocolate flavor that provides a feel good status. There is very fine line between Chocolate being good or bad for health. It has been proven by scientist that cocoa in dark chocolates have been of great help in reducing Cancer and Heart disease. It regulates cardiovascular system and reduces blood pressure also help in improving energy metabolism. It would be awesome to know that it also build a sharp memory.

According to the Harvard Medical school, it has been stated that drinking two cups of Hot chocolate daily will boost your memory level to a greater extend. In the study it was found that from 20,000 people who were taken into consideration 22% people who had dark chocolate regularly were less likely to have stroke.

Looking at the cons , its not judgmental to say that chocolate being tasty contains sugar and thus high level of calories that if taken in huge amount can result in diabetes. It also increases the weight gain .

Chocolate contains a good amount of Flavanoids found in naturally occurring substances of  plants. These keep the platelets less sticky and hence decreasing the chances of stroke. It no doubt works as a mood lifter. So enjoy your chocolates.

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