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Sixteenth brick DC/DC delivers 100 W down to 30 V input

  • 100 W rating
  • 30-60 V input range
  • 2250 V input/output isolation
  • High efficiency

Flex Power Modules has added to its PKU-D series of low-profile sixteenth-brick DC-DC converters with the PKU3913D, a 100 W rated part with an extended input range down to 30 V and regulated output of 12 V/8.3 A. The intended application is for nominal inputs of 48 V or 54 V with possible long cable lengths and consequent voltage drops such as microwave radio links for example. In this case, the low input drop-out voltage of the part is an advantage to guarantee extended operation, and the input range is also compatible with PoE standard IEEE 802.3af (37-57 VDC).

The PKU3913D is designed for high efficiency at lower input voltages, peaking at over 95%. The parts feature pre-bias, monotonic start-up capability, remote on/off and an MTBF of 13.88 M hours at 40°C ambient according to Telcordia standards. Products are certified to IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 for 2250 VDC input to output isolation. Comprehensive protection is included against over-temperature, input undervoltage, and output overvoltage, over-current and short circuits.

The PKU3913D series is housed in a 33.02 mm x 22.86 mm footprint and is just 11.3 mm high in the open-frame formats, with optional through-hole or SMT termination, or just 12.7 mm high for the pinned version with optional base plate. Size and pin-out is industry-standard.

Flex Power Modules has been a technical pioneer in the development of power modules for more than 40 years with quality designed and built into products at every stage. The PKU3913D series benefits from this long experience and has undergone comprehensive qualification, which, along with highly automated manufacturing, guarantees reliable operation. Flex Power Modules’ products are backed up by ISO 9001/14001 certification and unrivaled technical support.

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