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Secureye S-FB4K


Secureye is one of the leading brands in the industry for the last 25 years in the field of security products.

Secureye has been at the forefront of developing innovative products under security and safety category. Its S-FB4K is the latest IP (Ethernet & USB) enabled face and fingerprint biometric device. The device comes with dual HD cameras to capture pictures and a 2.8″ coloured TFT LCD to perform facial recognition function. It also has the traditional finger punch section with High-Resolution Optical (600 DPI) for identity verification. The device also supports 2 infrared ultra-bright lamps, 16 touch keys with backlight, Human body induction and a card function.

Secureye S-FB4K is a powerful device that allows organizations to perform facial identity verification for 1,500 faces, extendable up to 3,000, and finger punch identification for up to 5,000 fingerprints, extendable up to 50,000. The device can manage 3,00,000 user records. The identification process of S-FB4K is extremely simple and takes about 1 second per verification. The device is built to stay updated with integrated intelligent updating function. It also allows organizations to control accessibility with functions such as professional access control, regular access control, time zone management, anti – submarine and alarm system.

The installation of Secureye S-FB4K can be done following a few simple steps. Its robust built enables the device to work within the temperature range of -10o C to 60o C. S-FB4K will work perfectly fine within 20% ~ 80% humidity. It is an ideal device for offices or organizations located in the majority of the Indian landscape.

S-FB4K works on LINUX VER3.6.5 OS, and for communication, it supports TCP/IP, WiFi (Optional) and RS485. It comes with in-built audio output message only for conveying the transaction message (i.e.) whether or not the system has verified the user’s identity. The device also supports U disk Port (FAT32 file system), Wiegand 26/34 input port which can be external card reader module.

The product is priced at INR 15,500 + taxes

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