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Rugged LDMOS RF power transistors for HF, VHF and ISM applications

Rugged LDMOS RF power transistors for HF_popup

Recently Ampleon has announced that it has been releasing the range of over moduled plastic OMP that are the RF power transmitters transistors that will be rugged LDMOS technology enabled. alongside these manufacturing will be broadcasting the ISM transmitters a generator target making the BLP05H6xxxXR series of radio over FM/VHF and the tV broadcasting as well. Specific examples of end equipment applications include CO2 plasma lasers, MRI medical scanners, particle accelerators, plasma lighting, FM radio, and VHF digital TV.

Its power will be ranging between  35 to 700W continuous wave, all of these rugged RF power transistors utilise the same SOT1223 package and can be used in any RF power application in the HF to 600MHz frequency range.


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