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PRAMAN CMS100- Centralized Management Server


PRAMAN Centralized Management Server is a Windows based software application for centralized management of all the telecom devices, located across several offices. It increases the operational efficiency of the organization with its enhanced Device Monitoring and Fault Management functions. The Centralized Management Server enhances enterprise communications, ensures uninterrupted connectivity, and centralizes enterprise communication management. Improve staff productivity and pave the way for your business towards success with Matrix PRAMAN Centralized Management Server.

Key features:

  1. 24×7 Performance Monitoring
  2. Alarms and Alerts
  3. Automatic Device Discovery
  4. Centralized Reports
  5. Customized User Roles
  6. Network Topology View
  7. Custom Dashboards
  8. Intuitive and Web-based GUI
  9. Integrated Solution with Matrix VoIP Devices
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