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Osram announces the fight against viruses and bacteria with portable UV-C air purifiers

OSRAM_UV-C_AirZing_Compact Pro

Stopping the spread of germs and viruses has become more important in the current pandemic-ridden world. UV-C light – the effect of which has been known for over a century – has been proven to be a key to clean air indoors. The invisible, ultraviolet light destroys viruses and bacteria with a reliability of 99.9 percent. Osram now brings the proven UV-C technology with two flexible products to mobile applications. “Osram has decades of experience in sterilization and disinfection using UV-C light,” says Dr. Wilhelm Nehring, CEO of the Business Unit Digital at Osram. “This expertise from professional applications such as surface and air disinfection in hospitals or the drinking water purification, we bring with two variants of our product AirZing UV-Compact now for everyone usable in offices, cars and home.”

With AirZing UV-Compact, available in Standard and Pro version, Osram is launching two portable products from a new portfolio that can be used effectively and easily to clean air indoors. The UV-C light sources are low-pressure discharge lamps. They are installed in devices in such a way that no light is emitted into the environment. The UV-C light is shielded inside the housing, which allows air purifiers to be used safely in the presence of humans and animals.

Easy handling – always and everywhere

The products work on a simple but effective principle: the ambient air is drawn into the device with the aid of a fan, bypassed by the UV-C light source and then released back into the room cleaned of viruses and germs. The two versions of AirZing UV Compact, in the size of a hairspray can, can be taken everywhere thanks to the USB rechargeable battery. They can be used for example on the desk or in the car. The battery life is about 90 minutes. In addition to the UV-C light source, the AirZing UV-Compact Pro version is equipped with a HEPA filter to protect against bigger particles such as pollen and dust.

Decades of experience in technology from professional applications

With its traditional UV-C technology, Osram has been offering professional applications for surface and air disinfection and water purification for decades. For example, the Osram AirZing series for surface disinfection was used in over 2,000 hospitals in Wuhan and Beijing, China, at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020. This application confirmed its effectiveness against the coronavirus. In addition, around 10,000 products were delivered for use in Chinese kindergartens.

UV-light working principle

The cell nucleus of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses contain thymine, a chemical element of the genetic material. This element absorbs UV-C at a specific wavelength of 253.7 nanometers and changes it in such a way that the cell is no longer able to reproduce and survive.


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