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New OSLON® UV 3535 mid power products with design innovations and leading performance enrich ams OSRAM’s UV-C LED portfolio

ams OSRAM_UVC application
  •  New design reduces optical losses and optimizes radiation characteristics delivering outstanding wall plug efficiency
  •  New open package design with reflector and no cover glass and lens
  •  Standard 3535 surface-mount footprint and compact size for easy integration into system designs
  •  275 nm typical wavelength is ideal for surface, air and water treatment in industrial as well as consumer applications

ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, today introduced the OSLON® UV 3535 series of midpower UV-C LEDs which meet customers’ requirements for longer lifetime, higher output power and easier system integration.

The OSLON® UV 3535 LEDs combine a compact design with leading efficiency and high quality, making them ideal for use in consumer or industrial applications such as water purification or air conditioning systems. These products show a typical output power of 40 mW at a drive current of 185 mA for the SU CULDP1.VC, and 75 mW at 350 mA for the SU CULEP1.VC.

The new package design with no cover glass and an integrated reflector improves the output by reducing optical losses and leads to a comparably high wall plug efficiency of 3.7%. The reflector collects the die’s emissions and directs the light forward with a viewing angle of 120°. A standard 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm footprint and the absence of cover glass and lens give system designers the flexibility to apply a standard UV-C lens and to optimize the light output for their application.

A further advantage of the new OSLON® products SU CULDP1.VC and SU CULEP1.VC is an excellent, application dependent, lifetime. The package also includes an ESD protection device and a transparent dielectric coating as a protective element, contributing to the robustness of the LED.

Pia Weinmann, Senior Product Manager for UV-C at ams OSRAM, said: ‘Manufacturers of UV disinfection equipment are competing to provide the most value to customers by producing the required disinfection dose with fewer and longer-lasting emitters. The OSLON® UV 3535 products offer a new competitive edge with their increased output power and lifetime.‘

Technology innovation produces performance breakthrough

The enhanced performance of the OSLON® UV 3535 LEDs is the result of innovations in package design and semiconductor technology. The new open package design is robust, compact and flexible for use in applications that require medium to high UV-C output power

The AlGaN-based flip chip is a more reliable radiation source than traditional UV-C sources and provides flexibility in terms of wavelength, output power and switching. The products are part of a strong performance roadmap to further enhance our position in the fast developing UV-C market.


Product image UV-C-LED SU CULEP1.VC Image: ams OSRAM


Product image UV-C-LED SU CULDP1.VC Image: ams OSRAM

The SU CULEP1.VC and SU CULDP1.VC UV-C LEDs in the OSLON® UV 3535 family from ams OSRAM are now available worldwide. Further information about UV-C treatment can be found here.


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