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Intel has committed to invest $1.5m IoT chip R&D in Ireland

No Repro Fee…..  Managing Director of Intel Labs Mike Mayberry and Dr. Kieran Drain, CEO of Tyndall National Institute, are pictured at the announcement of a $1.5 million research partnership between Intel and Tyndall which will see the two work together to investigate next-generation materials, devices and photonics technologies to make an impact on the challenges of developing future electronic devices.  Pic Maxwell’s - No Repro Fee

Intel has committed to invest in research at the Cork-based institute since 2009.Bernie Capraro, Research Manager, Silicon Technology at Intel Ireland, said:

The work that is done by Tyndall researchers is top-class,from the work that Dr. Jim Greer does in device modelling to the photonics work of Brian Corbett.

Capraro brought up that Tyndall scientists convey answers for Intel – instead of us coming to them with an issue.

Dr. Kieran Drain, CEO of Tyndall National Institute, said:

“Intel has world-class research accomplices on its doorstep in the western United States, so the way that they would come a thousand of miles to work with us here at Tyndall is reflective of our ability to offer valuable alternative viewpoint.”

“We have fabulous researchers who have an inventive way to deal with future difficulties connected with the extension of Moore’s Law and Intel’s relocation towards an emphasis on the Internet of Things.”


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