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Harwin Introduces Ready-Made Cable Assemblies for its Datamate Connectors


Fully tested high reliability off-the-shelf solutions bring new levels of convenience

In order to provide customers with simple plug-and-play solutions, Harwin has now introduced a range of off-the-shelf cable assemblies to accompany its popular Datamate series of high reliability connector components.
Supplied in single- or double-ended format, with a set cable length of 150mm (6 inches), these time-saving assemblies are certain to have considerable market appeal. They will give companies the quick and trouble-free access they need to the cabling without having to rely on their own in-house resources or make major investments into an expensive custom-built arrangement.

The assemblies are available direct from stock, ready to order from Mouser eliminating long lead times. They cover both signal (Datamate J-Tek/L-Tek) and power (Datamate Mix-Tek) configurations. Inherently cost effective, they are particularly well suited to one-off prototyping work or small-batch projects.

Each assembly is produced in accordance with IPC-A-620 standard concerning wire harnesses and cabling. They are given rigorous electrical testing and go through a comprehensive inspection process both during and after production. The cables used are PTFE insulated. The signal cables come with 24AWG gauge equipment wire, while the power cables are provided with either 10AWG or 12AWG gauge wire, with 40A or 20A current supported.

With Datamate connector components at the heart of these assemblies, ongoing interconnect robustness is always assured. Industry-leading resilience to shock (100G for 6ms), vibration (10G for 6 hours, 2 hours/axis) and extreme temperatures (-55°C to +125°C) are all exhibited. Furthermore, they can cope with up to 500 mating cycles. Consequently, the Harwin ready-made assemblies are rugged enough for deployment in the most challenging of application environments, including space, avionics, industrial drives/controls, robotics and motorsport.

Outsourcing cable assemblies brings numerous operational benefits. The need for investment in new tooling, the establishment of extra manufacturing steps and the subsequent training of staff with no prior expertise can all be avoided.

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