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CUI Devices Adds Sirens Product Line to Audio Portfolio


CUI Devices’ Audio Group today announced the addition of sirens to its diverse offering of buzzer products. The CPS models utilize piezo technology with a built-in driving circuit to create a range of variable tones and sounds, including hi-lo, warble, sweeping, one tone, and six tone. Featuring sound pressure levels (SPLs) up to 120 dB as well as through hole, panel mount, and wire lead mounting styles, these piezo sirens are ideal for security systems, medical devices, industrial applications, and more.

The piezo siren models further carry rated voltages of 12 or 24 Vdc and rated frequencies of 2500, 2650, or 2750 Hz. With operating temperatures ranging from -30 up to 85°C, these sirens are also well suited for applications in harsh environments.

The CPS models are available immediately with prices starting at $4.01 per unit at 100 pieces through distribution. Please contact CUI Devices for OEM pricing.

Product name: CPS models
Availability: Stock to 4 weeks
Possible users: Security systems, medical devices, industrial applications, and more
Primary features: Variable tones and sounds, built-in driving circuit
Cost: $4.01 per unit at 100 pieces through distribution

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