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CML announce the launch of the CMX90G701 and CMX90G702 low power gain blocks


With positive gain-slopes of +1dB and +2dB respectively, and an operating frequency range of 6 – 18 GHz (C, X, Ku-band), both devices are ideally suited to a range of RF and wireless applications including microwave backhaul, radar, satellite communications, 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) and VSAT.

CML Microcircuits, world-leading developers of low-power analogue, digital and mixed-signal semiconductors for global telecommunications systems, today announced the availability of the CMX90G701 and CMX90G702 Positive Gain-Slope Amplifiers. Developed using CML’s innovative SµRF MMIC design capability, these general-purpose gain blocks are ideally suited to a wide range of wireless applications operating in the 6 – 18 GHz frequency range, including microwave backhaul, radar, satellite communications, 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) and VSAT. They can also be used to eliminate passive equalizers by compensating for system losses across their operating frequency range.

Both devices are fabricated using GaAs pHEMT process technology to achieve an optimal combination of high linearity, low noise and low DC power consumption. The CMX90G701 has +1dB positive gain-slope, while the CMX90G702 offers a +2dB gain-slope for applications requiring higher gain-slope compensation. Both devices deliver a small signal gain within the range of 9.5 – 11.5dB, a P1dB output rating of +10.0dBm, and a low noise figure of 3dB.

As with other devices in the SµRF family, the CMX90G701 and CMX90G702 Gain Blocks are designed for ease of use, with a high level of integration, minimising the external component count and reduced PCB footprints. As “plug-in”, cascadable, gain blocks the CMX90G701 and CMX90G702 eliminate the need for passive equalisation circuits within the system design and, thanks to an on-board active bias circuit, the devices operate over a wide supply voltage of 2 to 5V, with a typical current of 22 mA. Additionally, the RF ports of each device are internally matched to 50 Ω, supporting rapid product development cycles, particularly for mass-market applications.

“Following on from our earlier release of positive gain-slope amplifiers targeting the sub-7 GHz markets, the CMX90G701 and CMX90G702 Low Power Gain Blocks move further up the RF spectrum to 6-18GHz. These devices employ CML’s advanced SµRF design capability and add to our growing portfolio of positive gain-slope amplifiers. These devices address the growing market requirement for high-performing mmWave devices in a range of applications including microwave backhaul, radar, and satellite communications ”, said Arwyn Roberts, Product Manager for RF & mmWave. The CMX90G701 and CMX90G702 are now available, joining the CMX90G301 and CMX90G302 low power amplifier range. Future products in the SµRF family will include a range of PAs, LNAs, Gain Blocks and FEMs, employing high-performance GaAs and GaN technologies.”

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