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Artesyn introduce Intelligent Network Interface Card


The SharpSwitch PCIE-9205 PCI Express intelligent network interface card introduce by Artesyn is ready to eliminate out the requirement for an expensive external load balancer in wireless, communications, broadcast and streaming media applications.

It is perfect for low power, dense computing applications,it has the Intel Xeon D series processor and Intel Ethernet multi-host controller which provides dual 100G Ethernet interfaces and 100G switch

. In certain configurations, Open vSwitch has been shown to require as much as half of the available processor cores for switching the traffic to and from the virtual machines (VMs) running on a given server.

By focusing on the minimal requirements for typical applications, and building on top of Intel Data Plane Development Kit , Artesyn has designed a massively accelerated virtual switch to address these weaknesses. By using the SharpSwitch PCIE-9205 as an Open v Switch accelerator, the vast majority of the available processor cycles in the system can be used for payload VMs.

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