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50mm weld bond thyristor/diode of Infineon

infineon 50mm solder bond thyristor/diode modules

Infineon has launched 50mm solder bond thyristor/diode modules in solder bond technology with a 50 mm module. it also will be launch additional module types with blocking voltages of 1800 V and 2200 V in 2017.

Solar bond modules are for applications where the high robustness of pressure contact technology is not as a matter of course an unquestionable requirement. Average applications for the 50 mm modules are drives, power supplies and welding.

it covers current ratings from 280 A to 333 A.

All modules are offered in the topologies thyristor/thyristor, thyristor/diode and diode/diode with a blocking voltage of 1600 V and in current evaluations from 55 A to 330 A.

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