Yamaha R15 set to roll on Roads


Yamaha India has brought forward the next first Generation Yamaha R15 in the country that is going to be the version 2.0, Named Yamaha R15 the bike is extraordinarily designed and priced at Rs. 1.14 Lakh that is Ex-showroom price in Delhi. It is comprised of S badge alloy wheels, new and improved pillion grab bar, and new graphics design. It also encompasses the old first gen R15 features of single piece seat and therefore offering same level of comfort.

The bike is having a wheel base of 55mm smaller and weighs almost 5 kg lesser than the version 2.0. Its saddle height is alo 10 mm lesser than YZF-R15. It is having a solid engine of 149.88cc, which is single cylinder, fuel injected unit. it will be having a six speed gear box to roll over the road.


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