With autorickshaw apps, drivers moving to brand new world


By moving to the OLA cabs it is surely a need to move to the next generation auto rikshawas . An auto app will be making debut in New Delhi soon to provide drivers a brand new move with their vehicle . Technology has finally managed to do what the transport department couldn’t do since years . Nothing was mandated for the over due of the meter charges that was going by frequently in the nation now go by the ride and pay what has to be paid by the new app, that will ensure your next ride a hassle free no overcharged ride said by OLA officials.

Mintu Kumar who is also an app driver feels it’s a relief for him he says” Earlier also I used to earn by my meter according to how hard I work. But by the help of this app now the customers would not haggle or be any kind of suspicious about the fare that is surely a relief.” Drivers will be connected to the app like the Ola and POOch –O that is a government based app. Basically while working with the apps they will only get benefit by earning logical and more. The company may be giving bonus to the drivers who book more an more through app . If they complete 5 bookings in a day than they will be earning Rs 75 per booking that will make them happy and satisfied.  Autorickshaw drivers will also have to log in and perform for seven to nine hours a day depending on the company for which they are working for . Ola where pays Rs 50 for every new customer there Uber pays Rs 100 for the same .

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