Volvo Trucks launches new large capacity trucks for mining applications

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Volvo Trucks have been set tolaunch its two of thenew and latest large capacity 5 axle dump trucks that are going to be used in mining applications and has been shocased at the EXCON 2015 . The FMX 520  that is 10*4 dump truck with 26.1 Cu.m body and the other is called the FMX 480 10 *4 24 Cu.m body that will be used to enhance the productivity line up and also meet the increasing coal demand globally.  The first one FMX 520 will be providing a 33 percent higher capacity whereas the later FMX 480 will provide 28 percent higher capacity then the current solutions present in the market as claimed by the company.
Pierre Jean Verge Salamon who is the president of Volvo Group of trucks India also added that it will be a really positive approach for Indian Growth story and the government is also optimistic about the same. It will be doubling the coal production to 1 Bn tonne by 2020. 


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