Volkswagen POLO sale temporarily stopped in India


Volkswagen India has never seen a worse time than this before, It has to stop its sale of Polo in Indian market. The Company has given orders to its dealers in India to physically stop the delivery of the Polo modeltill further instructions. the Director of the german carmaker has issued a notice to the media stating that it has nothing to do with the EA189 diesel engine issue, that the cars have been called off. But still it cant be made sure that the polo has been disintegrated due to the fuel emission issue.

WE HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE REASON COMING UP FROM THE COMPANY. Polo’s all variant whether diesel or petrol has been stopped from going on the sale.  The EA189 car family engine is a set of overall 4 cylinders that is 1.6 and 2.0 litre DTI engines. These engines have been powering the new POLO , ventro, and rapid that are the  few upcoming cars under the same family.

The 1.5-litre diesel engine that powers the new Polo, Vento and Rapid also comes under the same engine family. It is yet to be determined if the cars produced in India by the VW group are also part of the 11 million vehicles that fall under the emission cheating scandal.

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