Volkswagen CEO Winterkorn resigns


Volkswagen Chief executive Martin Winternkorn has resigned on Wednesday , taking whole sole responsibility of the Scandal that took place in the German Car makers. He added” Volkswagen need a fresh start, not only in terms of production but also in terms of personnel. I am clearing the way for new ideas and minds to start this new era”.

He is 68 years old and has taken over the responsibility since past 8 years of the company.  Senior members of Volkswagen said in a separate statement that they would be performing internal investigation also to identify who was actually responsible for the scandal in 78 year’s old history of Volkswagen. US authorities are taking up the investigation after knowing the Volkswagen programmed computers that have been detected in the cars and that altered the running of teh diesel engines to hide the true level of emission.

for the above scandal Volswagen will be setting a 6.5 Billion euros to help to overcome the crisis, rather it wont be enough.

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