Toyota aims to lead in futuristic cars; invests $1 bn for artificial intelligence in US


Toyota is soon going to invest $1 billion in a research company that is settled in Silicon Valley to develop an artificial intelligence and robotics car line up. This is the determination of the japanese automakers company Toyota to lead the generation through futuristic cars. That could drive themselves and meet our daily life requirements. On friday it was announced by the company that it will start running in January 2016 with almost 200 employees in Silicon valley . This investment is showcasing its interest beyond that autonomous driving , which has been already promised by many automakers and they are working on them.  Toyota will be encompassing the overall safer lifestyle.

Toyota has already showcased it robot like R2-D2 that jumps around and picks up things for people that is basically designed for those who are elderly or sick.  It is a human shaped robot scenario that basically talks and communicate and even play songs for the driver .  Pratt is the Project head of this Project and is determined to help Elderly and sick people to make life life more easier.  Toyota has already gone through many troubled times during 2011 while there was Tsunami in Japan.

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