Techonology that senses danger even before human mind

V2X technology senses danger before you see it
Dr. Bernhard Klumpp, Head of the Passive Safety & Sensorics Division at Continental specified that they are working on an aim to reduce or potentially eliminate the number of accidents that could be detected by their V2X technology sensors, that will detect the hazards much before humans can perceive it, all this by alarming the driver by special triggers and alarms and providing cooperative assistance.
likewise a vehicle moving in front is applying brakes the later would automatically detect braking conditions.
At the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA0, it was displayed and explained that this technology issues an audible and visual aid and warnings to any kind of collision that could be possible with approaching vehicles during a left-turn manoeuvre. In case the driver misses the warning the system is well equipped with the ability to provide automatic assistance by either stopping or halting the vehicle.
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