SUVs in India getting popular among a new, unexplored customer segment





As we all now demand of SUVs are increasing  and has been a pick up in the suv and crossovers segment.  A new of the customer segment that are reaching towards its high demand  are the women.  As per the traffic conditions and bad road health women are finding SUV’s to be more comfortable.  Top SUV and crossover makers like Mahindra & Mahindra’s are witnessing an increase in the women customer number demanding for the suv’s and crossovers . The newly launched Hyundai Creta is a charm now a days the will be trending .

As a result to which the women oriented marketing is gainig pace and any communication strategies are being built up. We have been seeing an increasing number of women that are interested in buying suv like XUV500 or TUV300 .  These compact segment of SUV are very comfortable with women point of view that will be increasing exponentially.

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